Downloading on Artlist is quick and easy with a subscription or free Trial account. Don’t have an account yet? Sign up today at Once you're signed in, click on the download icon on the track bar and select the file type you’d like to download. When you select the file type, your download will begin.

You can access your download history with a Free, Social Creator or Creator Pro subscription. Your download history is a record-keeper of the downloads you’ve made during your account. You can download the tracks again without impacting your daily download counter, or download the Song License if you need documentation for your projects. Once you’re signed into your account, select the Library option in the top-right corner of the page or select Library in the main site menu. The first page you’ll be directed to is your download history.

Not sure if you’ve already downloaded a song? Here are a few ways to find out: 1) From the main page, check the download icon on the track bar. If the icon is white, then you haven’t downloaded the song yet. If the icon is yellow, then you can find that song in your download history 2) Check your download history to see if the track is listed there. This option is only helpful if you don’t have a lot of songs in your Library yet. 3) If you’re still not sure, check your email inbox for the checkout email we send out after you’ve downloaded a song. This message is sent out so you have another way to verify your license for use.

You can download assets with a free trial, Social Creator, or Creator Pro subscription. Once you're signed in, download assets in 3 places: 1) Download directly from any page you're browsing by selecting the download icon & then the file type. As soon as you select the file type, your download will begin. 2) Check the download history in your Library to download your songs from this page. 3) Download from the confirmation email that's sent to you after downloading assets (This may take up to 10 hours to receive) If these options don't work, please contact us and our Support team will help you get the tracks you need for your project.

The download confirmation email will be sent to the address that's listed on your account several hours after you download from the site. This is our way to ensure you don’t get too many messages from us in your inbox. Please make sure that you're checking the inbox for the address that’s listed on your account. It’s also important to check your spam folder, as some messages might be filtered there. If you still didn't receive an email, there’s no need to worry. You can download your music directly from the site. Visit your Library at any time and download the music from your download history.

Artlist's entire catalog is available for download with a Social Creator or Creator Pro subscription. If you decide not to renew, your account will revert to Trial. This is because our license will only cover the use of assets used in projects during your active subscription. As a Trial user, you will no longer be able to download assets or licenses from the site. The only option for download are watermarked MP3s which do not include our license for use.


Yes! The filter for Vocal & Instruments can be found in the filter options at the top of the track listing. You can use any of the filter options listed in this category to streamline your search results and find the perfect song for your project. Use multiple filters to get even more accurate results! Easily identify tracks with vocals when browsing the catalog. Next to each track with lead vocals, you’ll find a microphone icon. Click on the icon and the lyrics will appear if they're available.

Finding similar songs can be a helpful tool if you’ve already used a track in your projects or if you’ve found exactly the right vibe for your video. Next to each track bar is a similar songs button. You’ll find this between the download & favorite songs icons. Click on the option and your list of tracks will expand with similar song suggestions! Additionally, if you have a popular song or band in mind, try searching for them in the search bar. Our AI tools will track down songs from our catalog with a similar sound.

With new music added every day, our catalog is constantly growing - Fast! Here are a few tricks to locate the most recent additions. The newest songs in the Artlist catalog are marked with a “NEW” icon next to the song title. You can also make sure your results only appear with the newest songs by updating the Sort filter found in the top-right of the track listings. Once you select the sort filter, you can add additional filters to refine your search results even more. If you have any questions searching the site or if we can offer you additional help, please feel free to reach out to us.

Artlist was designed with creators like you in mind, so we’ve created filters to help you find the perfect song. Check out our tutorial here: Learn more about our search bar here:

You'll find our BPM filter on the top right of the site, just above the list of songs. Click and drag to use the slider, type in your exact range, or select a preset to match your video. You can reset the filter at any time by clicking CLEAR.

When you search by a keyword, Mood, Video Theme, Genre or instrument, you'll see them on the top left of the screen, just above the list of songs, and you can exclude them from your search by selecting the icon to Exclude.


You can download a license for use with a Social Creator or Creator Pro subscription. Once you’re signed into your account, visit your Library. The first page you’ll see is your Download History, and next to each track, you’ll see 3 buttons: Song License, MP3 & WAV. Click on Song License and your download will begin immediately.

Lyrics can be viewed with or without a subscription. Most songs with vocals have lyrics available for you to review. They can be found in three locations on the site: 1. Next to each track listing that features lead vocals, you'll see a microphone icon. Click on the icon, and the lyrics will appear if they’re available. If they’re not available, the icon will remain grey and a popup will not appear. 2. If you’re deep into searching the catalog and find yourself on the song page, click on Lyrics in the banner options beneath the song title. 3. If you remember lyrics from a song, but don’t remember what it’s called, you can use the search bar to type in a keyword or line from the song

We do not have an app, however Artlist’s mobile site is designed to give you the best experience when you’re on the move! Play music, add to your favorites, create playlists and share links to the assets.

Artlist would not be the site it is today without feedback from creators like you! Feel free to contact us anytime and let us know how we can make Artlist better for you.

Our Support Team is always available. Contact us immediately if you are having problems on the site and our team will work to resolve it as soon as possible. Please check that you don't have any ad blockers, firewalls, or cookies enabled. Also, make sure that you're using the most updated version of your browser and operating system. If you make any of these changes, please refresh the page before trying again. Trying a different browser or opening the site in an incognito window may also be helpful. If you are still experiencing this issue after these steps, your feedback will be very helpful to us in identifying the problem. Please send the following details in your message to us: 1) OS (operating system) you are using 2) Browser + version you are using 3) Your IP address 4) A screenshot of the error & console page Once we receive your message, our team can begin our investigation and will update you when more information becomes available.